Slide Switches

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types of slide switches: slide dimmer switches, 3 position slide switches, spdt slide switches, slide dimmer light switches, electronic slide switches, micro slide switches

Slide switches are generally utilized in several applications, such as consumer electronics, computer servers, instrumentation, test and measurement, amongst others.

Includes ultra-miniature, micro, mini, standard, industrial and electricity variations, Autorneto has slip buttons appropriate for printed circuit board, surface mount and panel mount applications.

Autorneto’s 16 string of slip switches provide engineers more design flexibility and choices in regards to dimensions, mounting, actuation forms, evaluations and bundles. Whether you create controls or consumer products; cans or HVAC controls; mobile speakers or notebooks; sound gear or alarms, Autorneto slip switches fast incorporate into your next layout.

computers, peripherals and network devices (laptops, network hubs, routers, gaming controllers)
consumer electronics (handheld games, remote controls, headphones, headsets, earbuds, channel selector on set-top boxes)
telecommunications equipment (telephone and cable modems, audio-visual devices, microphones)
appliances (small and large, both indoor and outdoor)
test and measurement equipment
small equipment (handheld devices, portable tools, office equipment)
thermostat select switch
automotive and medical applications
lighting devices