Rotary Switches

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rotary switches types: 4 position rotary switches, rotary light switches, rotary lamp switches, rotary encoder switches, 194r rotary disconnect switches, electroswitch rotary switches

What is a rotary switch?
A rotary switch functions by spinning which controls distinct circuit purposes. The rotor includes a touch arm spoke that projects out of its surface such as a camera. A range of terminals, organized in a circle round the rotor, each functions as a contact for the arm/spoke. This permits electric circuits to be on the rotor. The change is layered to permit the usage of multiple rods, every layer is equal to a single pole.

Together with multi-pole, multi-position, half-inch, rota-slide, electricity rota-slide and sub-miniature switch kind layouts, Autorneto rotary switches contain shorting and non-shorting connections for optimum layout flexibility.

building automation
industrial equipment (including elevators)
major and small appliances
telecommunications devices
audio and visual equipment
consumer electronics (including digital cameras)
test and medical equipment
ceiling fans and HVAC air conditioning equipment
portable tools