Rocker Switches

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rocker switches types: weatherproof rocker switches, water proof rocker switches, 3 position rocker switches, led rocker switches, boat rocker switches, electrical rocker switches.

Rocker switches are generally utilized to directly power a device. They can be found in many shapes, sizes and colours, with both custom and standard logos which can be found on the actuator. Rocker switch lighting might be manipulated on a different circuit, or be reliant on change position, dependent on what string is selected.

Autorneto supplies a large collection of full-sized to mini educated and non-illuminated snap-in Rocker Switches. Ranging from 1 to 4 sticks,.4 VA into 20 amp, together with lots of styles of sound coloured, translucent, two-color Visi-Rockers. Carling Rocker Switches comprise the V-Series Contura household and L-Series, which put the market standard for IP66, IP68, and UL1500 ignition security sealed switches.