Detector Switches

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types of detector switches: motion detector switches, motion detector light switches, detect switches, water detect switches.

With 19 different series of standard detect switches, Autorneto offers the greatest choice in SMT, through-hole, panel and snap-in/chassis and screw-mount versions. Autorneto’s detect switches are given in a variety of sizes and shapes, with various actuator orientations including horizontal or vertical, top or side, or right-angle or left, and include soft actuation force. These detect switches include low profile, compact, micro- and ultra-miniature layouts, with some sealed models available.

Pick from conventional detect, snap-acting, tactile, magnetic reed, or door interlock styles for your optimum detect switch option. In general, Autorneto detect switches operate at low present, occupy less space and provide higher life cycles (100k ~ 1M).

computers (peripherals, printers, infrastructure, servers/storage, IT)
automotive (sensors, indicators)
consumer devices (appliances, household goods)
consumer electronics (audio/visual equipment, handheld devices)
industrial (sensors, factory automation equipment, testing equipment)
medical devices (including portable monitoring equipment)
safety/security controls (intrusion/alarm switches in network PCs, telecom equipment, cellular phone base stations, door/window alarms)
telecommunications equipment (ATCA and microTCA devices)
door interlocks that act as detects (computer and industrial enclosures)
mobile communications equipment
payment terminals (card detect)