Micro Switch Manufacturer

Over 10 Years Experience

Greetech speicalized in production and development micro-switches, toggle switches, limit switches, door switches, slide switches, rotary switches, tact switch and so on a series of electronic products under brandname. Mainly applies all kinds of electronic parts in different fields, such as communication products, portable products, computer peripherals, household electrical appliances, measuring instruments, medical equipments, automotive electronics, audio and video systems, gaming products, smart control system, digital camera, notebook computer and so on.


Micro Switches

Micro switch is mechanically operated electrical switch designed with an actuator and terminals called common, normally open and normally closed. The Micro switches that we can offer have been successfully used in Building, Automation and Security, Home Applications.


Rocker switches

Rocker switches are the most common forms of switch due to how easy it is to use and its reliability. It is an on-off switch that rocks back and forth like a see-saw. The rocker switch uses in medical systems, household appliances, control panels, power supply units, and HVAC equipment.

Limit Switches

Limit switch is a contact proximity sensor device that consists of an actuator mechanically linked to a set of output contacts. Limit switch can also be used as part of a larger control system. When a certain limit is reached, the actuator can de-activate or activate a device to prevent malfunctioning.


Rotary switches

Rotary switches are a type of electrical switch operated by rotation. Rotary switches allow the user to turn a knob or shaft that increases or decreases the resistance conducted through the contacts dependant on the direction of turn.